Friends of Foes Part III

Alright, Pastor Bola, I hear you, I’m in the middle of cooking and if you’re interested in dinner, you’re welcome to join us. Bola was slightly surprised with Tara’s invitation and she decided to continue to appeal to her softer side. I miss my sister Tara, I miss all your troublesome self, my weekend date, my security guard, my ……ok! ok! ok! Tara interrupted. Kai! I miss you too but trust me, the next time you call my parents, you will be missed by many! Bola quickly jumps on Tara’s back like a kid would jump on a brand new toy, oh my God thanks sis. So what are you cooking? Get off my back, Tara playfully snaps back, its spaghetti, your favorite. You probably smelled it from your house and came for it, not for me. Bola giggled and went straight the boiling pot of food. She practically took over the cooking, which left Tara stranded in their kitchen. Continue reading

Friends of Foes Part II

In Jesus name I worship. As Bola rounded up her prayers, she heard carried her handbag and was headed to her Job interview. As she drove, her entire mind was preoccupied with Tara. Why is she not returning my calls, hope everything is ok with this girl.
Since both ladies graduated from college, Bola has been applying to numerous accounting jobs but is yet to secure a career. She refuses to feed herself from paycheck to paycheck and will not give up till her dream job lands on her feet before she clocks twenty-eight. Tara is already an intern for her mother while she takes part-time classes to get ready for her DAT exam, the dreaded entry exam everyone hopes and prays to pass on the first attempt. Although both ladies have been busy with trying to make future preparation, considering they were not getting younger, the dent in their relationship from college is yet to be address.

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