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So a couple of years back, I spotted the Clarisonic at Ulta but my attraction was short-lived by its price. I decided to cajole the bae who instantly said NO!, well not completely. Who can blame the poor guy, considering my love hate relationship and impulse spending on beauty/skin products, normally based on public recommendation. Fast forward to Valentine’s day after all the roses, chocolate and cards, the Mia 2 package came in the mail. The excitement could not be contained. Like a hungry Lion, I tore apart the papers….lo and behold was this beautifully crafted gadget staring me in the eye. I understand there are different packages, with different prices. This particular one comes with a foaming cleanser, extra brush head, magnetic charger, cover case and brush cover.

It came charged so I put a dollop of the cleanser on my face, which smells heavenly by the way, and let the machine do its work. After 2 mins of massage on my t-zone, cheeks and jaw area, my face began pulsating. I am pretty satisfied with the first use but it’s not enough to give a 5-star ratings. With that been said, jury will continue to be out for this one for the next week or more. By this time, the excitement and eagerness that could hinder my opinion should have subsided.