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Dhairboutique- Burmese Curly Review

Once again, I gave into my hair addiction and made an excused out of the February-month long sale the company was having. I got some emails and reviews from some of my clients and readers who were skeptical about purchasing from dhairboutique.

IMG_1042 (1)Here is my perspective about hair. If you find a hair company that has yet to disappoint you, mostly with regards to the hair quality, excluding customer service, which is really important, why not stay with that company. I have been burnt several times by some hair companies in an attempt to look for something affordable with expensive quality. Never again!!!. Not to worry, I will give detailed experience later.

I have been ordering hair in bits and pieces from dhair and each time, there is always a delay or something wrong with my order. There was a time I was not getting a response from them and I had to get PayPal involved, which I kinda regret because the store owner contacted me right after with the sweetest email. This time, I exercised a lot of patience. Fortunately, I am still rocking my boxed braids so there was no need to hurry. I received an email stating why there was a delay and in the long run,  my goodies came with a gift card to compensate. Good business move! lol

Unto the hair quality. This is my first time ordering a curly hair from them, but so far, I am loving the hell out of my bundles. The wefts are closely sewn to REDUCE shedding. Considering how the wefts are sewn, there has been no reason for me to seal my wefts. The bundles are full and thick!!!! I’m not sure I can fit all four bundles in but my love for big hair will probably make that possible.

More than likely, the bundles were conditioned due to the smell (not an offensive one). The best part of my order is the closure. The lace was soft and smooth and I’m pretty sure they are 5×5 or 4×5 but they look bigger than the usual closure I ordered in the past. Im not sure how I feel about the ends of the bundles but a bit of trimming can solve that.


The verdict is still out for this hair because it’s durability has not been tested yet. I am yet to sew it into a wig and then put it through the trench like I did the previous bundles.  A follow up to this review might take a while. However, feel free to ask me any questions or express your concerns in the comment section.

Have a lovely weekend and happy new month in advance!

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So a couple of years back, I spotted the Clarisonic at Ulta but my attraction was short-lived by its price. I decided to cajole the bae who instantly said NO!, well not completely. Who can blame the poor guy, considering my love hate relationship and impulse spending on beauty/skin products, normally based on public recommendation. Fast forward to Valentine’s day after all the roses, chocolate and cards, the Mia 2 package came in the mail. The excitement could not be contained. Like a hungry Lion, I tore apart the papers….lo and behold was this beautifully crafted gadget staring me in the eye. I understand there are different packages, with different prices. This particular one comes with a foaming cleanser, extra brush head, magnetic charger, cover case and brush cover.

It came charged so I put a dollop of the cleanser on my face, which smells heavenly by the way, and let the machine do its work. After 2 mins of massage on my t-zone, cheeks and jaw area, my face began pulsating. I am pretty satisfied with the first use but it’s not enough to give a 5-star ratings. With that been said, jury will continue to be out for this one for the next week or more. By this time, the excitement and eagerness that could hinder my opinion should have subsided.

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Dhair-Boutique Hair Review

I’m actually not new to this hair company. I have purchased twice from dhairboutique and at no point, even up to this minute, are the staffs of the company aware that their product will be reviewed on this blog. Therefore, this review is my complete honest opinion, why wouldn’t it be, I call a spade a spade.

WHAT/WHY: This hair was purchased the first time out of impulse. Another motivating factor was because you-tubers such as @tiarramonet, @prettygyrlangie, @mrsdivalike and @thomasadrianna1 came together with all their hair on POINT!. I believe they wanted to promote @dhairboutique new raw hair line or something of that nature, not exactly sure, but I mean, I was ready to have them beheaded and snatch their weaves hunty!!!. Ok that was a little too much but I fell in lurveee with the texture and bounciness of the hair.

CONCERNS/RESEARCH: At the time of purchase, there were not much reviews on YouTube or black media forum, so it was purchased with my fingers tightly crossed with loads of prayers that I get a “good batch”. You guys know how there’s this notion that YouTube reviewers get a “good batch” while the normal customers (masses) get a “bad batch”. Luckily the hair arrived according to my expectation.

For my very first order, I went for the Filipino straight in lengths of 14/6″, 16/18″, 2 bundles of 18/20″ and a matching closure. The owner claimed that its is 14″ when curled and 16″ when completely straightened out. Really it just felt like something between 15-16″ to me but that’s not a problem since my desired look was achieved after been sewn into a wig. The second order included one more filipino bundle (22/24″) to achieve additional volume to my wig as a personal preference, but trust me 4 will work out just fine. I also got the “raw indian curly wavy” 2(18/20″), 2(22/24″)= 4 bundles and a closure.

IMG_20140403_131754First time order…These two pix were the first order of the Filipino Straight. The shorter bundles were thicker and has more body to it but the longer ones were thinner and more likely less than 2oz 

My second purchase also came with the same disappointment. I understand that the longer the length the thinner it gets, but i doubt this bundle of hair was up to 2 oz, although her website claimed each bundle is from 3.5 to 3.2 oz, hian! not the bundle I received. I held the 22/24″ from one arm length to the other and the other end of the hair could barely reach my other hand. I am totally displeased and annoyed, considering the price charged for the amount of hair density received….totally unfair to their customers, especially the loyal ones lol but the hair game is serious these days. Celebs and youtubers who dont pay probably get more than we do but whatever


IMG_7513                       Le Closure

IMG_7543IMG_7545 IMG_7514 IMG_7509 IMG_7515                                   This is all the 2nd order.                                                                              The pix below is solely going to focus on the Indian Wavy/Curly. IMG_7532

These are two bundles of hair wrapped together & the pix below goes show how two bundles of hair look like 1.IMG_7533IMG_7534IMG_7527        Yerp!!! 4 bundles looking like 2IMG_7539                               Here is the additional filipino that came with the second order. The luster on this hair finds the perfect balance between a shiny, silky and dull luster 


This is all you get for a 22/24″ hair, definitely less than 3oz, much less of the 3.2 to 3.5 claimed on the website

CONS: Alright, the shipping took way too long, that at a point that I had to cancel my order. The owner did have some well-mannered customer service, which made me repurchase the hair. The second time, the same thing happened. There was no status update, no tracking number but with my pleasurable experience with my first order, I decided to exercise some patient and let the hair arrive at God’s own time lol.

Ladies and gentlemen, this hair is not cheap! Their price starts at $120/bundle. The first time I went to the website and saw those figure, omo men, I borrow leg run (I couldn’t have exited that website any faster).

My first thought was hmm, this hair is incredibly too thin for the price, especially the longer lengths. I was stuck between the idea of returning it or getting more bundles. I was a little dissatisfied and annoyed. To be perfectly honest, if you’re buying any length longer than the “16/18” inches, just be prepared to purchase at least 4 bundles. Three bundles will look really stringy unless you plan to leave much of your hair out like the vixen sew in styles.

PROS: Believe me when I tell you guys, I have 99 problems in life but tangling was not close to them, not with this hair at all. This hair was dyed jet black and sewn into a wig so it can be taken out at my convenience. I worked full-time 9 to 5 and then go to school, the next thing was to yank it and threw it anyway it chose to fly to and the next morning it was back on my head. This vicious cycle persisted for about about 4 months before I switched to my sheena hair Emporium. I am yet to condition and treat this hair but it’s still mileage is as good as new hahaha.

The silkiness and softness of this hair is beyond me. I have seen worse hair that comes very brassy with run off strands. The slay-o-meter of this hair really puts other hair out of this kitchen and I can confidently say that this hair is one of the best in the game. The weft of the hair is sewn so tight that air cannot pass throughIMG_7528 IMG_7529

IMG_7525 IMG_7526

This review placed so much emphasis on the amount of hair/bundle, which i believe contributed to the thinness of each bundle, not that each strand was think. However, when I started to sew my wig, I did notice that the hair has a lot of body to it, especially when a curl is put in and brushed or tousled out

Excess or aggressive combing/brushing will make this hair shed and considering the way I treated this hair, it should have more shed than it.I got this much shedding from running my hands through when the package first came in. Very impressive because it was not that much shedding.


The luster and texture of this hair is amaze-balls! This hair obeys all the rules and regulations of a curling wand, irons and flexirods. Ohemmgee! the curls can last for weeks and I kid you not. Once its, especially tightly curled, just go get a flat-iron that can heat up to the same degrees in hell to get it completely bone straight. That’s not a problem for me though as I love me some tousled curls.

Volume can be achieved by curling your hair in opposing directions, when you curl rolling the iron to the right, the next curl should be to the left so the curls face each other instead of creating uniformed look and finger detangling will help achieve a certain degree puffiness!

RECOMMENDATION: I recommend this hair ONLY if you can absolutely afford it! I never pay full price for this hair because I signed up for their sales alerts! Although their sale prices are still steep, in my opinion, It’s better than other fly by the night hair that needs sheds like a dog and matte up in the nape of the neck.

This hair is very luxurious and I choose its reserved for occasions considered special to me lol. However, I have resumed it and worn it back to back for the past 4 months with much compliments from even the bae who seems to be tired of my constant addiction to weaves.

OVERALL/RATING:To be very clear, the strands of the hair itself is not thin! the amount of hair your receive per bundle is not much, which makes the hair bundle thin! So it’s a case of quality over quantity. I can’t tell if the hair is worth the splurge or no. I personally find it ridiculously annoying when statements such as “oh my good this hair is expensive but totally worth it” ooze out of people’s mouth. On top wetin! No hair/weave is worth braking your wallet for. Remember most of these hair are purchased for a chunk of change and they pump up the retail prices like there’s no tomorrow.

Bottom Line, it gets a 8 out of 10 from me. The price of this hair is way too much for the amount provided and that’s my only problem.

If you guys have any questions, concerns or doubt about this hair or hopefully some hair you have in mind to purchase, please drop a comment below or email me and I can help do some underground detective work lol. Enjoy your days/nights you guys.

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Hair Review!!! Sheenas Hair Emporium

There comes a time when we all fall into “Virgin” hair temptations and it does not help that everyone is popping a hair sales all over Instagram and other social media outlets. All seems enticing but the most reliable way you can tell the best is when you get a hold of the hair yourself. There’s only so much YouTube can do for you. However, folks on Blackhair Media forum and lipstick alley are there to help you narrow your options down with brutally honest reviews so you know who to avoid and why. Continue reading “Hair Review!!! Sheenas Hair Emporium”