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New Chapter

Is it me or does it just feel like everyone is getting proposed to and subsequently, married left and right, either way, it’s a beautiful thing and I love it. Continue reading “New Chapter”

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So a couple of years back, I spotted the Clarisonic at Ulta but my attraction was short-lived by its price. I decided to cajole the bae who instantly said NO!, well not completely. Who can blame the poor guy, considering my love hate relationship and impulse spending on beauty/skin products, normally based on public recommendation. Fast forward to Valentine’s day after all the roses, chocolate and cards, the Mia 2 package came in the mail. The excitement could not be contained. Like a hungry Lion, I tore apart the papers….lo and behold was this beautifully crafted gadget staring me in the eye. I understand there are different packages, with different prices. This particular one comes with a foaming cleanser, extra brush head, magnetic charger, cover case and brush cover.

It came charged so I put a dollop of the cleanser on my face, which smells heavenly by the way, and let the machine do its work. After 2 mins of massage on my t-zone, cheeks and jaw area, my face began pulsating. I am pretty satisfied with the first use but it’s not enough to give a 5-star ratings. With that been said, jury will continue to be out for this one for the next week or more. By this time, the excitement and eagerness that could hinder my opinion should have subsided.

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In the life of a Beauty Hauler

One of the numerous problems of a beauty addict is that sometimes, we buy products we don’t need out of impulse or under the influence of overly hyped items that float around, or even buy a duplicate product since you can’t keep track of what you have or do not already have. I am also guilty of these and consequentially, run out of space to keep them or sometimes stack them in places that are hard to reach or see so eventually they end up as ornaments and your money is not put to use. It is so easy to keep buying lipsticks or eyeshadows of the same color pay off when applied to the skin. After all, they look different in the packaged containers or because they are on sale and to top it off, your favorite YouTuber just gave u the go-ahead to purchase it and it is worth the splurge.

Here is my take. Considering that I watch a lot of beauty and hair review videos (which will elaborated upon in subsequent blog posts) i’m at a high risk for impulse spending, especially on vanity item. Fortunately, I have control over my spending habits (if to say as person dey watch YouTube na him money dey waka commot pocket, na bridge i for dey count). My first tip to my non-makeup artist, beauty savvy, make up lovers and income earning is this. Build yourself a savings plan! I’m not an accountant or auditor but you have to be responsible and apply common sense to your what you spend on vanity products. I need to emphasize that most of these Youtuber’s, if permitted to use that term, have pro discounts at high-end stores, get discounted items at makeup shows, or sometimes get sent free products, primarily for reviews. One way to save, taking baby steps, is following a 52 week money challenge, which is detailed in the picture.

Featured image Sometimes, I walk into M.A.C or Sephora with the intention of buying one lipstick or brush, and i come out with half of the store. Now, I understand that the staff there encourage you to buy this and that and you can’t blame them for doing their job, but you have to learn to say NO, I’ll come back for it or I already have it, period!!!! Beauties, please don’t let temptations knock your wallet into the ground, it’s easier to spend than save. Always keep in mind that these are vanity product, bottom list in basic human needs should not cost your arm and leg. My recommendation is that you list what you already, I used excel to organize what I already have, what I need to get before it runs out and highlight what you don’t already have, to prevent duplicate purchase and discipline yourself by sticking to that plan.

Organize your beauty stash. My bathroom is very small and self-contained but i made it work to my advantage. Get yourself some shelves, TRANSPARENT containers from the dollar store, Target, Walmart, beauty supply store, the container store, Muji etc. Transparent so you can actually see your beauty products and put them to use instead of sitting there, why then was it purchased? Here is a picture of how I’m able to organize my bathroom to promote conveniency of use.


PhotoGrid_1415760115900_0 PhotoGrid_1415760225836_3

If you guys have any suggestions, opinions or concerns, feel free to spill it out so we can all learn on ways to cut back and spend wisely on beauty products. Enjoy Beauties and have a wonderful saving spree lol!

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Youtube Vs. Reality

Featured image
Disclaimer: This is a google image picture, not my property.

Have you guys turned onto YouTube videos or those pictorials floating around on Instagram/Pinterest where they show tutorials on how to sew wigs, apply lace closures and or make up but once you attempt it, it’s a complete disaster. Well I am one of those girls on the other end of the screen that keeps scrolling back and forth through make up videos on YouTube to learn how to apply this and that. A potential damage that YouTube can create is overspending. I have broken my wallet on numerous occasions trying to buy overpriced beauty tools and products because I see how it’s used to flawlessly apply make up and automatically think that’s the only product that will do get the job done.

Another huge headache for me was when i wanted to celebrated my birthday and needed to research some hair. The first mistake was when my naive self picked up my phone and searched #humanhair on Instagram. The influx of hair was so overwhelming that narrowing down my options was a problem. The a picture of Marlo Hampton wearing a bone straight hair appealed to me. My research ended when i tracked down the vendor, who lied to me that she supplied her hair for the RHOA reunion she featured in. Before I knew it, i’m shelling out money on “human hair”.

Well these are some of the things that propelled me into creating a blog and eventually, I will try to create a YouTube channel, but that’s something to give a second thought. My intention for this section of the blog is to recreate some looks that I love or for beginners what to learn, provide tips and affordable alternatives to look good without breaking the bank. At least not too much as some investments are worth spending on versus spending about the same amount on fake or temporal products for long term use. Im looking forward to some exciting posts on this section.

Enjoy your day beauties!