Black Friday Nightmare

As Black Friday (2015) approached, numerous tabs of hair companies and their sale was glaring at me through my computer screen, I was torn between which hair companies to rock with. To cut the long story short, I decided to go with this company called diamond dynasty hair. Don’t blame me for jumping at an offer for a bundle at $33.00 lol. I was convinced there was no competition for this price. I had little time to get a concrete review on YouTube as some had a pleasant experience and others hated the hair. No care was given as I was completely blinded by the sales price.


My excitement was quickly erased when the package came in the mail and I saw orders I did not place. For all that is worth, I was not even sent an invoice, which would have maybe helped them send a correct the order as well. I had to search through my emails and screenshot the correct order to them. Do not even get me started on the kind of conversation between myself these people. 

The unending merry-go-round was at its finest. They asked me to mail the hair back to them, which I did promptly.  For over a month, they held onto my money even though they sent me an email to acknowledge that they received their hair. I decided to send another email as to why no action had been taken, we went through the whole process of identifying what happened and by the end of that email, they said they did exchange only.

At first, I was going to agree to the exchange but I noticed that different people, that might have not communicating with each other, were each responding to my email and this might have led to the delay. I concluded that I wanted a refund and maybe reorder at another time. Plus I was travelling out of the country and I did not want the hair sitting in my front door. These people were so adamant and for over a month, I kept struggling to get a refund. Unfortunately, their website does not use PayPal, they would have gathered up their mess for me. 

Finally, they agreed to a refund. No time was wasted in using the “unfollow” button on Instagram. They kept junking my timeline anyways. I did not get a chance to try out their hair. Therefore, I’m unable to make any recommendations. However, if you guys do not mind taking chances with your money and their unprofessionalism, give it a try and drop your experience or concerns for me.

Have a lovely weekend!!!!!

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Dhairboutique- Burmese Curly Review

Once again, I gave into my hair addiction and made an excused out of the February-month long sale the company was having. I got some emails and reviews from some of my clients and readers who were skeptical about purchasing from dhairboutique.

IMG_1042 (1)Here is my perspective about hair. If you find a hair company that has yet to disappoint you, mostly with regards to the hair quality, excluding customer service, which is really important, why not stay with that company. I have been burnt several times by some hair companies in an attempt to look for something affordable with expensive quality. Never again!!!. Not to worry, I will give detailed experience later.

I have been ordering hair in bits and pieces from dhair and each time, there is always a delay or something wrong with my order. There was a time I was not getting a response from them and I had to get PayPal involved, which I kinda regret because the store owner contacted me right after with the sweetest email. This time, I exercised a lot of patience. Fortunately, I am still rocking my boxed braids so there was no need to hurry. I received an email stating why there was a delay and in the long run,  my goodies came with a gift card to compensate. Good business move! lol

Unto the hair quality. This is my first time ordering a curly hair from them, but so far, I am loving the hell out of my bundles. The wefts are closely sewn to REDUCE shedding. Considering how the wefts are sewn, there has been no reason for me to seal my wefts. The bundles are full and thick!!!! I’m not sure I can fit all four bundles in but my love for big hair will probably make that possible.

More than likely, the bundles were conditioned due to the smell (not an offensive one). The best part of my order is the closure. The lace was soft and smooth and I’m pretty sure they are 5×5 or 4×5 but they look bigger than the usual closure I ordered in the past. Im not sure how I feel about the ends of the bundles but a bit of trimming can solve that.


The verdict is still out for this hair because it’s durability has not been tested yet. I am yet to sew it into a wig and then put it through the trench like I did the previous bundles.  A follow up to this review might take a while. However, feel free to ask me any questions or express your concerns in the comment section.

Have a lovely weekend and happy new month in advance!


Away but Never Gone

Phew! it has been forever since I last blogged, however, this semester felt like an infinite whirlwind of exams and homework. What I am most grateful for is the ability to end this semester with passing grades. However, my excitement was cut short upon learning that some of my colleagues, whom I’ve grown really fond of, did not make it through this semester.

By the time this semester ended, the saying, “Many are called but few are chosen” made a bit more sense to me. Devastation does not even come close to how I felt because the majority of us made some sacrifices such as cutting down on family time, quitting our jobs or reduce working hours in order to focus on school work. I believe God’s plan for everyone will remain regardless of the turns we take in life.

On a lighter note, I am free for now and taking a trip to the motherland, Nigeria, to take some load off. Will update this site as more often as I possibly can and hope you all have a restful holiday.

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New Chapter

Is it me or does it just feel like everyone is getting proposed to and subsequently, married left and right, either way, it’s a beautiful thing and I love it. Continue reading “New Chapter”

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Dhair-boutique Is Bae

A while back, I did a comprehensive review of dhair-boutique and my opinion remains the same. The hair has been dyed jet black and sewn into a wig, who I prefer to call Fey (not sure why tho). I could not fit all 6 bundles in the dome cap, but I was able to fit in 5. My obsession for big, full and bouncy hair would not allow me settle for 4 bundles and even at 5 bundles, I’m still thinking of ways to re-sew the wig to fit in all 6.

Here is the outcome of the wig for now, but I will certainly re-sew and style this wig before the end of the week.







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Wig Services

So I have decided to expand my wig making skills to my blog and cater to my readers. Yes, I make wigs and have been at it for the past 2 years. I will be uploading more pictures of wigs. If anyone is interested or wish to refer anyone, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail: oadefa1@gmail.com. I have different pricing options for different hair specifications such as the amount of bundles and lengths. I look forward to working with you guys.

Disclaimer: I do not supply hair at this time!!!!