Black Friday Nightmare

As Black Friday (2015) approached, numerous tabs of hair companies and their sale was glaring at me through my computer screen, I was torn between which hair companies to rock with. To cut the long story short, I decided to go with this company called diamond dynasty hair. Don’t blame me for jumping at an offer for a bundle at $33.00 lol. I was convinced there was no competition for this price. I had little time to get a concrete review on YouTube as some had a pleasant experience and others hated the hair. No care was given as I was completely blinded by the sales price.


My excitement was quickly erased when the package came in the mail and I saw orders I did not place. For all that is worth, I was not even sent an invoice, which would have maybe helped them send a correct the order as well. I had to search through my emails and screenshot the correct order to them. Do not even get me started on the kind of conversation between myself these people. 

The unending merry-go-round was at its finest. They asked me to mail the hair back to them, which I did promptly.  For over a month, they held onto my money even though they sent me an email to acknowledge that they received their hair. I decided to send another email as to why no action had been taken, we went through the whole process of identifying what happened and by the end of that email, they said they did exchange only.

At first, I was going to agree to the exchange but I noticed that different people, that might have not communicating with each other, were each responding to my email and this might have led to the delay. I concluded that I wanted a refund and maybe reorder at another time. Plus I was travelling out of the country and I did not want the hair sitting in my front door. These people were so adamant and for over a month, I kept struggling to get a refund. Unfortunately, their website does not use PayPal, they would have gathered up their mess for me. 

Finally, they agreed to a refund. No time was wasted in using the “unfollow” button on Instagram. They kept junking my timeline anyways. I did not get a chance to try out their hair. Therefore, I’m unable to make any recommendations. However, if you guys do not mind taking chances with your money and their unprofessionalism, give it a try and drop your experience or concerns for me.

Have a lovely weekend!!!!!


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