New Chapter

Is it me or does it just feel like everyone is getting proposed to and subsequently, married left and right, either way, it’s a beautiful thing and I love it.

I was so excited when a friend of mine requested my assistance in applying make up for her bridal train. Yes, you heard right, yours truly does beat faces lol. I hid my feelings and displayed a little shakara (playing hard to get). This will be my first major gig since the end of my makeup training, hence my hiatus from the blog amongst other things. BaeHere is a look I’m surprised and proud of. My fear of intense color won’t let me be great but it exceeded my expectation (meooooow) lol. Somewhere in my head, this look violated all the makeup rule and I picked it apart each time. Eventually, it became a correctional tool for me. I am my own worst critic and if it don’t feel right, I rarely move forward with it. -4

-1This look is my very first attempt at a face other than mine. According to this individual, I did a great job, but this just indicates that I’m far from perfection.

While I was rounding up this post, my creative mind prompted me to started a new makeup project for myself. I will be recreating some makeup looks from my favorite MUAs as well as random looks that captures my attention as well as ones that can challenge my skills. This will be an avenue for me to also perfect my craft.

For clarification purposes, I’m no certified MUA or anything like that yet, but I see myself do some freelance work in the future. Makeup still remains a passionate hobby for me at this time. What I’m doing now is taking my time to explore the possibilities of making a lifestyle out of it and to make sure it is not a temporary interest. With that been said, get your sunshade up because it’s about to get bright and colorful up in hurrrr! lol.

DISCLAIMER!!!! The feature image on the preview for this particular blog title is from google images, if its yours or know the owner, please kindly tag them or contact me so I can rightfully credit their work.



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