Friends of Foes Part III

Alright, Pastor Bola, I hear you, I’m in the middle of cooking and if you’re interested in dinner, you’re welcome to join us. Bola was slightly surprised with Tara’s invitation and she decided to continue to appeal to her softer side. I miss my sister Tara, I miss all your troublesome self, my weekend date, my security guard, my ……ok! ok! ok! Tara interrupted. Kai! I miss you too but trust me, the next time you call my parents, you will be missed by many! Bola quickly jumps on Tara’s back like a kid would jump on a brand new toy, oh my God thanks sis. So what are you cooking? Get off my back, Tara playfully snaps back, its spaghetti, your favorite. You probably smelled it from your house and came for it, not for me. Bola giggled and went straight the boiling pot of food. She practically took over the cooking, which left Tara stranded in their kitchen.

“Well, what have you been up to”, Tara asks. Bola took a minute to respond, “um, I work with a health insurance company, pretty boring, but the experience is not bad, what about you Tara, what is your mischievous self up to?” Tara smiled, “mischievous keh, I’m gentle oh” you know I intern for momsy and she is no joke” Tara has been having problems with her mother since her drunken monkey encounter.

Following her intoxication episode, Bola did not only call Tara’s parents, she was forced to call 911 since she was not responding and her pulse were barely felt. Bola freaked out and since it was in the middle of the night, she did not have anyone else to call. By the time the ambulance arrived, it was undisclosed that Tara had a chemical substance in her blood and with a sexual intercourse in place, it was difficult to determine if it was a date rape or consensual intercourse. Tara could not place a face on whoever dropped her off that night, but she recollected going out with some members of her sorority sisters. No one came forward to help her identify the guys that night since everyone was scared of filing a police report. Since that unfortunate event, the rest of Tara’s college life was conducted under the radar, considering the shame and embarrassment. Tara’s dad was especially hurt, not only due to his reputation, the idea that his baby girl was exploited due to her reckless behavior placed a dagger in his heart. Tara and her parents were forced to close that case and put it behind them, but her relationship with her parents has been more strict and possible force Tara into some sort of regression.

Look Bola, I need to also apologize for what happened that night. Tara had ignored Bola not only because she called her parents, imagined if Bola took no action and left her for dead. She only needed time to put away the event and Bola was a reminder to that. Both ladies were in tears at this point and as they proceeded to hug each other, Tara’s mom came out of her room to the ladies sight and exchanged pleasantries with Bola. “Are you guys ok, what are you two crying”, says Tara’s mom, “um, nothing mom as Tara tries to clean her face, I think that sauce is going to be spicy ma.”Hmm hmm just make sure it’s delicious as Tara’s mom decided to go with her daughter’s lie.

After dinner, both ladies were in the privacy of Tara’s room in the basement and they began to catch up on lost times. Bola decided to ask if she still seeks help about the rape.Tara’s mood suddenly changed, “Bola please I have dealed with that on my own and I’m, if you intend on opening up old wounds, please take your leave. Bola apologizes quickly but remains on the same topic. “You are practically my sister and I will not let anything bad happen to you”. Tara replies quickly, well why didn’t you stop the rape or refrain from calling my parents, or just left me where you found me”. Bola knows better to take Tara’s comment to heart and her silence made Tara apologize immediately. “Bola I did not mean to say that, it’s just upsetting to be constantly reminded of such horrible situation and I would love to let it fade out.

Bola goes to advise Bola that bottling up her feelings will lead to explosion such as what just happened. Plus your story can help so many other young girls if you decide to speak on this issue and make it pub…Tara cuts in “Bola! Bola! I’m telling you please leave this topic alone before I do something I’ll regret, please!


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