Tale Vault

Friends of Foes Part II

In Jesus name I worship. As Bola rounded up her prayers, she heard carried her handbag and was headed to her Job interview. As she drove, her entire mind was preoccupied with Tara. Why is she not returning my calls, hope everything is ok with this girl.
Since both ladies graduated from college, Bola has been applying to numerous accounting jobs but is yet to secure a career. She refuses to feed herself from paycheck to paycheck and will not give up till her dream job lands on her feet before she clocks twenty-eight. Tara is already an intern for her mother while she takes part-time classes to get ready for her DAT exam, the dreaded entry exam everyone hopes and prays to pass on the first attempt. Although both ladies have been busy with trying to make future preparation, considering they were not getting younger, the dent in their relationship from college is yet to be address.

 Tara is still having a hard time comprehending why Bola would go to the extreme of calling her parents when the option of sitting her down was not sought after.Tara’s dad was disappointed in her daughter, his political status was almost stained by their only daughter whom they placed such high expectation on. Tara felt as though her parents hated her and Bola was to be blamed.
Later in the day, Bola decided to take the risk of going to see Tara at home. While this idea dabbled on her mind throughout the week, she imagined the worst case scenario and determined she could endure whatever the outcome was. Bola picked up her phone to call her mother for more advice about her decision. Although she supported Bola’s intention but as any mother would, she was told not to provoke any ill feeling and just turn back home at the slightest feeling of any physical or verbal abuse from Tara. “Ok mama thanks, I will call you back to let you know how it goes” Bola replies her mother, took a deep breath and proceeds to Tara’s house.
Tara was making dinner when she heard the doorbell, “Mom, are you expecting anyone”, she yells at her mother who was upstairs with her father. As Tara peeps through, she thought her eye were deceiving her, she opens the door with so much fury. Disregarding the smile and pleasantries from Bola, she rudely asks, “what in the hell do you think you’re doing and who asked you to come here, or are you here to arrest me for cooking dinner in the middle of the day she added sarcastically. Bola’s facial expression instantly changed, but she softly replies, “Tara I’m sorry, I made a mistake and I’m here to make that right, we were in college and I freaked out seeing you like that.Tara did not even offer Bola to come and as she was about to shut the door on her face, a voice from inside asked who was at the door and before Tara responded, Tara’s father was able to see Bola from the veranda, which was adjacent to the front door. Tara’s dad made his way to the ladies and Bola was reluctantly ushered into the house. “Good afternoon sir”, bola said while going on her knees. How are you my dear, how’s your mom, are you also done with college, what is going on now, are you working or working on your Master. Bola did not know how to answer all these questions so she smiled and mentioned everything ok. I just came to check on Tara sir. “Ok dear, greet your parents for me oh”, replied Tara’s dad.


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