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Youtube Vs. Reality

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Have you guys turned onto YouTube videos or those pictorials floating around on Instagram/Pinterest where they show tutorials on how to sew wigs, apply lace closures and or make up but once you attempt it, it’s a complete disaster. Well I am one of those girls on the other end of the screen that keeps scrolling back and forth through make up videos on YouTube to learn how to apply this and that. A potential damage that YouTube can create is overspending. I have broken my wallet on numerous occasions trying to buy overpriced beauty tools and products because I see how it’s used to flawlessly apply make up and automatically think that’s the only product that will do get the job done.

Another huge headache for me was when i wanted to celebrated my birthday and needed to research some hair. The first mistake was when my naive self picked up my phone and searched #humanhair on Instagram. The influx of hair was so overwhelming that narrowing down my options was a problem. The a picture of Marlo Hampton wearing a bone straight hair appealed to me. My research ended when i tracked down the vendor, who lied to me that she supplied her hair for the RHOA reunion she featured in. Before I knew it, i’m shelling out money on “human hair”.

Well these are some of the things that propelled me into creating a blog and eventually, I will try to create a YouTube channel, but that’s something to give a second thought. My intention for this section of the blog is to recreate some looks that I love or for beginners what to learn, provide tips and affordable alternatives to look good without breaking the bank. At least not too much as some investments are worth spending on versus spending about the same amount on fake or temporal products for long term use. Im looking forward to some exciting posts on this section.

Enjoy your day beauties!


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