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Hair Review!!! Sheenas Hair Emporium

There comes a time when we all fall into “Virgin” hair temptations and it does not help that everyone is popping a hair sales all over Instagram and other social media outlets. All seems enticing but the most reliable way you can tell the best is when you get a hold of the hair yourself. There’s only so much YouTube can do for you. However, folks on Blackhair Media forum and lipstick alley are there to help you narrow your options down with brutally honest reviews so you know who to avoid and why.

Sheena’s Hair Emporium (SHE) was the only brand that made the cut out of all the hair companies I researched. I have purchased other brand of hair, which I will review later on. Anyways, I stumbled on this dime piece called Missy Lynn of @start2finishmua, who sold me completely with the sheen and luster of her style.

I decided to purchase this Sheena hair. Luckily for me, she had a sale where you can buy three bundles and get 50% of the last bundle of the cheapest price. In my opinion you made up for it with the 8-9% tax and shipping cost, which was as fast as the speed of light, might I add. This hair came in the mail and at first it didn’t exactly light up a firework or anything. I didn’t take the pictures of its initial arrival as these can be found online but I ordered the Virgin Indian Straight in (2)22″ (2)20″ 18″ & 16″, total of 6 bundles total ordered 2 different times and just sewed it into a wig…yes, I sew wigs lol.


To be perfectly honest, this hair sheds a lot! I mean I was at a point of calling their customer service but I refrained. Shedding reduced after applying weft sealant. Also, this hair cannot and will not blend with natural African-American hair. If your hair is relaxed, permed or pressed, you can achieve that blend to a certain degree, but don’t burn your real hair for temporary reasons. Get a closure!

Now unto the closure. It was purchased on Aliexpress, Sunnymay wigs. Hmm Hmm, No don’t do it son! Waste of money. This closure is practically made from straw hat. I made it work for about 3 months cuz I tried to get my money’s worth but I do not recommend closures from aliexpress generally. 

CONS: shedding is massive, once you get past this, you’ll be ok. A bit of tangle here and there (especially in the nape of the neck), but if you are good with hair, it can be avoided. There were some split ends, as noticed with other hair brands, its nothing outrageous because it can be easily trimmed off.

Note: I had 6 bundles at once, so tangling and shedding was expected

PROS: Extremely silky and versatile. Can hold curl for days and be pressed to a perfect bone straight state. Fine tooth comb can run through this hair from any angle to explain its fine smoothness.

On a grading scale, I’ll say about 8/10. Overall, I recommend this brand of hair. Customer service was awesome. This hair has been worn for 8 months straight, as a wig of course, always taken down at night lol. Despite the shedding, there is still good amount of hair left on the weft of each bundles. I’ve had this hair close to two years now and re-sewn it only 3 times. It has only been dyed jet back, so I cannot tell what the outcome bleaching will be. Feel free to drop your comments if you have any questions or concerns and I will be happy to help you as much as I possibly can.

They are located online at :http://www.sheenashairemporium.com/


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