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Friends of Foes Part I

Oh my God! Bolanle that party was off the chain but then again, you couldn’t care less. Your “born again” attitude limits the amount of fun you’re allotted as Motara shadily references to her roommate who seemed buried in her daily devotional bible. So Tara the talkative, tell me how many guys flocked after you and begged you for your number, as Bola’s response provoked Tara. Na you sabi (whatever). Anyways, I met this one guy that I think will be a perfect match for you but you need to clean up nice sha. Try some makeup and wear something presentable. We have a date night next week Friday. Bola slowly descends her bible on her bed, while centering her gait towards Tara, Mi o gbo ( I didn’t hear you clearly). The only date happening is me in the upcoming night vigil. Tara, aren’t you a Christian, honestly, I think you should come along…..aaaah please spare me as Tara cuts in. Baby girl what exactly is your problem Tara shouts back at Bola, whose mouth was still agape. Ok fine, don’t come along, I’ll just find him another babe who will benefit from not only his wallet, but his good looks and compassion. He’s the son of one of the biggest oil tycoons in Nigeria waiting to take over his father’s company, in fact, he already took over. And I wonder why you’re not all up on him, Bolanle responded under her breath. You always have something to say, smart mouth, gosh you get on my damn nerve!!!

Tara and Bola have been childhood friends. They have both had the same taste in material things such as shoes, clothes, and bags. People who did not know them assumed they were sisters. This friendship also brought a closeness between their parents. Bola’s mother (Tinuke Ajayi) was appointed deaconess at their church and owned a Nursing agency. It is safe to say their strong ties with Church is a reflection of Bola’s lifestyle, much of which cannot be said for Tara. Tara’s mom who is a dentist and dad is a partner at a law firm in D.C. Both girls graduated high school and applied to the same college. Bola was a soccer player while Tara favored cheerleading. Both were smart and ambitious with a good head on their shoulders. Tara planned to thread her mother’s footstep in becoming a dentist. Bola on the other hand, aimed to be a WallStreet bully and doubled majored in Business Administration and Account.

As freshman year was coming to a close, Tara and Bola were progressively threading different paths. Bola’s passion for her religious activities was not in Tara’s interest. Tara became an active member and staff of Student Organization and African Student Association, which placed her at the core of all school events and social gatherings. Both acquainted different sets of friends and as this separation became apparent, Bola suggested they both rented a room off campus. The freedom and independence of owning a room appealed to Tara. Each weekend brought a night of Terror for Bola, as Tara would gather friends in the apartment, get loud and sometimes drink till their body fluid was replaced with alcohol. One night Tara went out and was dropped off by the apartment around 3:00 am helplessly inebriated. Her utterly disappointed and worried sister friend resorted to calling Tara’s mom with a summary of her daughter’s newly found college lifestyle choices. The parental involvement placed a crack in their friendship, with hopes that it will heal up in due time, but will it?


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