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Hoorah!!!! My very first post First, I contemplated to be an anonymous and private blogger for a while now . One of the many reasons is fear of harsh comments that social media has generated. However, I decided to come out of my shell and just learn to deal with it, and by dealing for the most part, i mean ignoring it. Not to say I going to welcome hurtful or cyber bullying on my blog, but it will be unrealistic to assume one will not come across such comments later on.

Moving right along, i plan on using the blog as a platform to mediate between high-end and within the budget mix hopefully for all readers across the globe. Here is the thing. I have been reading blogs and watching a lot of YouTube videos on either makeup applications, how to mix clothes and trendy styles but what i’m yet to observe is a feedback from most of the followers. Although most YouTube sensations and bloggers encourage a certain giveaway or fashion and style challenge but that is only short-lived after a shout out or when the giveaway ends.

My plan for this blog, especially with make up is to mediate and integrate high and low ends of trending as well as creative mixes to suit different personalities. I will also be posting many inspirational pictures and how to affordably recreate them. This mentality is general across board for each class of beauty and style that may be of interest to my readers. YouTube is out of the questions for now, as that is not a passion of mine yet, but if time permits and as my blog thrives, there might be a possibility in the main time, have a wonderful day.

In conclusion, this blog is something I do for fun or as a get away, while inspiring anyone who might be interested. Although, I do well with constructive criticism, as lesson is meant to be learnt everyday, however any negative or derogatory comments will not be welcomed or entertained.


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